SUPERSENIORI – an info workshop in Zagreb!

After a successful round of info workshops held in Osijek and Vukovar, next Monday we shall organize an info workshop for interested associations in the City of Zagreb.


Let us remind you that the Competition titled “Superseniori” is meant for the associations in the Osječko-baranjska County, Vukovarsko-srijemska County and the City of Zagreb. The specific goal of the Competition is the improvement of abilities of civil society organizations for providing services to the elderly, as well as strengthening the partnership and cooperation of the civil society with other stakeholders who are active in the area of providing services to the elderly.

The total planned value of the Competition is 270,000.00 kuna. Funds allocated to the projects will range from 20,000.00 kuna to 40,000.00 kuna per project.

The deadline for submitting project proposals and programs is 30 days since the day it was published, and ends on February 11, 2016.

We invite everybody interested in participating in the Competition and the project SUPERSENIORI to attend the info workshop which will take place on

Monday, January 25

from 1:30pm to 3:00pm

at the Senior Center of the Foundation Zajednički put,

Hrgovići 93a, Zagreb.

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The funds for the implementation of the innovative model of support were provided by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development through the Cooperation for Development in the Area of Philanthropy and Foundations, as part of the Thematic Fund “Democratization and the Development of the Civil Society 2.0”