Mission and vision

The vision, mission and future steps of the Foundation “Zajednički put”


The Foundation “Zajednički put” believes that, by fulfilling the purpose of the Foundation, we can:

  • contribute to creating social conditions for a dignified life of senior citizens, for protecting human rights, ensuring independence, social inclusion and active participation in deciding about one’s own life and the life of the community, focusing attention of younger generations on the awareness about ageing and the needs of the elderly in their families, neighborhood and local community, and involving both younger and older citizens in programs that achieve mutual understanding, sharing knowledge and experience, as well as acting with the goal of achieving mutual well-being.
  • create a model of care and services available to an ever larger number of senior citizens, including all available resources, especially those in the local community.



The Foundation “Zajednički put” is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing, advocating for and implementing a decent, quality, safe and active life, adapted to the needs and abilities of each individual senior citizen.



The Foundation “Zajednički put” achieves its mission of creating social conditions for a dignified life of senior citizens in Zagreb and has established the level of recognition among institutions and organizations.
The Foundation has provided the preconditions for safe future work and wants to achieve a more significant recognition in the wider local community, as with this we wish to attract a greater number of participants in the process of creating better conditions for the senior citizens of Zagreb.
The Foundation “Zajednički put” will therefore encourage a greater number of senior citizens to engage in mutual socialization. It will attract volunteers of all ages to run program activities; it will become a central point for the distribution of information for senior citizens; it will increase the funds of the foundation through social, entrepreneurial, publishing and other activities and thus become a place interesting for advertisers, sponsors and donors.