If you are looking for a safe and efficient, yet autonomous and independent way of spending your third age, for a way to keep your current lifestyle but also enrich it with new contents and acquaintances, turn to us with confidence.

The Housing Units Community of the Foundation “Zajednički put” is intended to the independent life of senior citizens who want to maintain an independent lifestyle after the age of 65, and it is designed as a new home for independent and active seniors who want to live among their peers.

This form of accommodation and care for senior citizens is the effort of the Foundation “Zajednički put” as well as the City Department of Social Welfare and Disability to provide living conditions for senior citizens of the City of Zagreb in order for them to spend their life as independent persons for as long as possible, and with a high level of quality.

The Foundation promotes the active lifestyle of senior citizens, and at the same time, this service provides a safe environment and services and amenities that address their needs.

Apart from the residential units, the Foundation seeks to enrich the content of life of senior citizens and offer a personalized service of help in everyday life to each user individually.

Where is the Community?

The Housing Units Community is right next to lake Jarun, public transport and a series of supporting urban and recreational facilities, and consists of four separate, modernly equipped double-room apartments which provide the atmosphere of a comfortable home, attractive to its residents.

The Foundation provides assistance in organizing supplementary services of personal and health care, food, help with household chores, as well as additional social and recreational activities in its Daily Center for senior citizens, located within the Housing Units Community.

How can I become a resident of the Housing Units Community?

If you are a senior citizen who has a physical and mental capacity to live independently, but want to be in the company of other people of your age, the way of independent living in the Housing Units Community for the elderly could be your good choice.

If you cannot take care of yourself without permanent help of others, the Housing Units Community for the elderly and for independent life is not the best choice for you.

A retirement home which allows all-day care and essential access to health care and emergency medical services would be a more appropriate choice for you.

If you have enough information and have decided that the Housing Units Community is a good choice for you, the next step is to enter into a Contract for the Provision of Accommodation and Care in the Housing Units Community of the Foundation “Zajednički put” with the Foundation. 

You can enter into different types of Contracts with the Foundation. The general Contract for the Provision of Accommodation and Care in the Housing Units Community of the Foundation “Zajednički put” can be complemented with individual data and special provisions according to the needs of each user individually; you thus become a user of the service of accommodation.

It is also possible to enter into the Contract on Lifelong Support, or the Gift Contract, whereby you become a member of the Foundation.

Members of the Foundation are people who have financially or materially contributed to the development of the Foundation and the achievement of the purpose of the foundation.

Members of the Foundation “Zajednički put” have an advantage for accommodation in the Housing Units. 

What is the cost of accommodation in the Housing Units Community for the elderly?

The price of residence in the Housing Units Community is basic and includes a flat rate of regular liquid and fixed expenses of utilities, the cost of the accommodation service and additional contents organized in the Daily Center of the Foundation.

The cost of additional services such as cleaning, personal care, food delivery, as well as other service services are not included in the basic price and are paid according to individual needs of the residents. The service of organizing such services can be achieved with the help of professional members of the Foundation free of charge.

The price list:

The costs of accommodation in the Housing Units Community of the Foundation “Zajednički put”:

STUDIO 3: 47.84 m2

STUDIO 4: 48.17 m2


Accommodation: 1,900.00 kn


STUDIO 2: 40.91 m2

STUDIO 5: 39.60 m2


Accommodation: 1,600.00 kn

A list of necessary documents for admission:

A list of necessary documents for admission

Request for accommodation

Medical certificate for admission