About the Foundation

The Foundation “Zajednički put” (“Mutual Path”) was founded in 2005 by a Decision of the Zagreb City Assembly. Legal preconditions for the start of the Foundation were met in April of 2008 based on the Resolution of the Central State Office for Administration.

The Foundation “Zajednički put” has a charitable purpose (complete help and support for senior citizens of the City of Zagreb), and its public-benefit purpose is achieved through its work: improving cultural, health, welfare and other social services as well as the overall financial status of citizens.

The Foundation promotes the values of charitable giving, volunteerism and philanthropy with the idea of raising funds and directing them to social services and cultural programs with the main goal of improving the quality of life of Zagreb’s senior citizens, as well as preventing the misuse of their assets and ensuring safe living conditions in the third age.

The Foundation serves as an intermediary to donors who want to contribute to a better quality of life of the senior citizens of Zagreb. It also works with the goal of the development of local community’s resources to mobilize, attract, collect and invest funds for the benefit of the senior citizens of Zagreb.

Donors can be: citizens, business people, non-profit organizations, companies, large corporations and others, and donations may consist of any kind of property, securities, property rights, artwork, etc. People who make a donation can make contributions from their current revenues or leave their assets to the Foundation.

By creating a permanent inventory of assets, the Foundation provides for and organizes non-institutional forms of care for senior citizens, in collaboration with civil society organizations and other partners, and ensures that senior citizens in need have adequate care.